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Your website needs more care than your car! If your website design is not better then you may loose lot of customer, so get your website Rededigned. Our website maintenance services are made to meet your requirements. Connect with us to work with the experts.

Sebstrone -Website Maintaenance Agency

Our Website Redesign & Maintenanace Services Includes

Unique Design

Content updates

We Dexus Media is better known in Jaipur for Creative, unique, fresh and clean HTML Designs.Our Expert professional can offer you unmatchable design which can give your brand a distinct identity.

No Concealed Payments

UI/UX improvements

A seamless user interface needs a constant change as per the customer needs which indeed leads to a positive user experience. We have our experts to manage the UI/UX for having the best and satisfying experience.

Unique Design

Web Security

We understand that your website needs better security and upgrades from time to time as it is rightly said “Prevention is better than cure”. We eliminate and prevent threats and vulnerabilities to ensure 100% up-time. .

No Concealed Payments

Testing & Monitoring

Who would live with a Bug? With regular & frequent testing, we ensure your website is user responsive & bug-free. Our experts would monitor your Digital assets to ensure 100% uptime.

On Time Delivery

End Hosting hassles

Free yourself from any IT issues and cost-effective technical support to ensure the website infrastructure is maintained and optimally managed. No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment.

Certified Experts

Technical Support

Fast and reliable 24/7 technical support to assist in any website maintenance issues. .

Benefits of Website Maintenance

We help you to capture and measure the proper data metrics to get meaningful insights out of it.

Maintain your website healthy all time because “Health Is Wealth”
Update or edit your website on short notice because “Time Is Money”
Protect your website from potential hackers gaining access to your site because “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”
Periodic backups and on-demand restoration because “Data Is Gold”
Constant checks and monitoring to make sure peak performance at all times because “Performance Matters”

Delivering Solutions for Everyone.

  • School, Colleges, Coaching Center
  • Shops, Manufacturing Companies, Dealers
  • Companies, Professional sector, Real Estate, Industry
  • Hospital, Clinic, Doctors, Medicine company
  • Lawyer, Architect, Engineers, Fashion Designers, Models, Leaders, Speakers
  • Jobs, Matrimony, Directory Website, Dating sites
Custom website
  • Onine Classes, Online Video Lectures, Online Test Series, Live Class, Online Doctor Consultancy website.
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Sebstrone -Website Maintaenance Agency

Hire Best Website Redesign Team

Sebstrone -Website Maintaenance Agency
Sebstrone -Website Maintaenance Agency

Web maintenance sometimes becomes a headache for the business owner. But Sebstrone has an entire team for website redesigning that is capable of bringing the pressure down with their innovative & creative ideas over the design.

Sebstrone -Website Maintaenance Agency

Why We Are The Best Website Maintenance Agency?

The reason being the best or one of the better could not be certainly stated here as well. We focused on the below key points to be the best

Sebstrone -Website Maintaenance Agency

Responsive Design

Sebstrone -Website Maintaenance Agency

Fully Secured

Sebstrone -Website Maintaenance Agency

On Time Project Delivery

Sebstrone -Website Maintaenance Agency

24*7 Support


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